DECEMBER 11, 2015


I am Alexzander Klingbeil. I am six years old
and I have Leukemia. Like Iron Man, I have a chest
port. Mine gets my medications directly into my
bloodstream. Like Iron Man, I have incredible power.
I am poked and probed, irradiated and shot full of
holes but I get right back up and fight. I am super
strong, but like Iron Man, I need Avengers around
me to help me win battles.

I am Alexzander and I am Iron Man. Please join me Avengers and Assemble.

Abby & Alexzander
March, 2013
This site is designed to raise money for Alex's Mother. (Abby Bingham) Funds are used to offset her medical and living expenses exclusively. 

Alex designed his own flavor of Nitrogen Ice Cream at Mad Science Creamery!