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I am Alexzander Klingbeil. I am six years old
and I have Leukemia. Like Iron Man, I have a chest
port. Mine gets my medications directly into my
bloodstream. Like Iron Man, I have incredible power.
I am poked and probed, irradiated and shot full of
holes but I get right back up and fight. I am super
strong, but like Iron Man, I need Avengers around
me to help me win battles.

I am Alexzander and I am Iron Man. Please join me Avengers and Assemble.

This kid is so damn tough. Want to show him some extra holiday love?
Send him a Christmas Gift. Tell him who you are, but make sure you mention
that you are an AVENGER!

Alex Klingbeil
1124 N. Watertown Ave.
Jefferson, WI 53549

Abby & Alexzander
March, 2013
This site is designed to raise money for Alex's Mother. (Abby Bingham) Funds are used to offset her medical and living expenses exclusively.